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Moving to Chicago

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Top 10 Ways to Meet People in Chicago

Lunchtime in the loop - Sit outside on a sunny day and people will inevitably start talking to you. There are lots of open spaces in downtown to choose from. Millennium Park, the river front, and Daley Plaza are just a few.

The el platform - Now that construction is underway it’s hard not to come into contact with another rider.

Take a class - You’ll already have something in common, and if you don’t meet someone, you’ll at least have a new skill. Check out the city colleges of Chicago.

Work - Okay. These may not be the type of people you’re hoping to meet, but they’re still people, for the most part, and once again, you’ll have something in common.

The dog beach - If you have a dog or even if you don’t, pets are a great way to meet someone new.

The grocery store - I can’t vouch for Dominicks (because I hate them) but Jewel is a great place to meet people, especially in the produce section, and if anything, you can find out what some of those weird looking vegetables are.

Nightclubs - These people are hoping to be found. Plus, alcohol makes people more friendly. Visit metromix or the reader to find a club or bar that’s right for you.

The bleachers - Those Cubs fans can be friendly. I think it’s from all the sun or the bad beer.

A conference - Pop into a hotel. Hopefully the topic will interest you and the person will be local.

Online - You’re online right now aren’t you.