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Moving to Chicago

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Chicago Relocation Guide

Relocation is a considerable undertaking. To make sure you’ve covered all of your bases we’ve created a list of factors for you to consider when choosing the neighborhood that’s right for you.

Housing Costs

What are the real estate and rental prices for the neighborhood? Housing costs as well as property taxes vary widely, so make sure you check these out before choosing a neighborhood.


Both car and home insurance pricing can vary based on whether you’re in the city or suburbs. In general, car insurance is much higher in the city than the suburbs. Talk to your insurance agent to help determine insurance costs.

Service Availability and Pricing

Services from broadband to lawn care can vary based on where you live.

Gas Prices

This is mostly based on county rather than suburb as well as proximity to an expressway. Chicago and the entire Cook County region have some of the highest taxes in the nation.

Public Transit

The city has plentiful buses and train options and even apps such as bus tracker, which make it easy to get around without a car. Whereas the suburbs transit system is generally focused on downtown, with few options for inter-suburb transit.


How long will the commute be to work?

Job Availability

If you want to work close to home, what is the job availability locally? Is there a business district or park?


If you have kids you’ll want to know how schools rank and what private and public school, parochial and charter options exist.

Kid Friendly

Is the area kid friendly? The city has a lot of park districts and programs which are very affordable, however fill up very fast.


Many of Chicago’s neighborhoods and suburbs have very specific ethnic demographics.

Home Resellability

What is the housing market? What is the average sales price? How long does the average home stay on the market? Talk to your realtor to determine the best value when considering buying property.

Houses of Worship

Does the community have one or even several houses of worship of your religious denomination?